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Spotting Toilet Troubles
Common problems with your household toilets may not only be annoyingly troublesome and inconvenient, but if not taken care of in a timely manner, can be costly as well. Thankfully, if you know the warning signs and fix an issue in its early stages before it becomes a full-blown problem, toilet repairs can be cheap and relatively simple in the overall scheme of home repair services

One of the most common occurrences among household commodes is leaking. Leaks can spring up in a multitude of areas on or around your toilet and may or may not be easily visible. Some of the more noticeable leaks might appear around the bottom of the toilet due to a disintegrating wax ring inside its base, or a crack somewhere on the toilet bowl or tank itself. These leaks can lead to rotting wood under or around the toilet, loosening or crumbling tiles, and similar floor damage. Less visible leaks might form at the water shut off valve or the connection tube leading from this valve to the toilet tank.

Another common toilet leak occurs frequently inside the toilet tank and can be a costly one if not fixed quickly. If you hear your toilet refilling when not being used, the flapper inside the tank that controls water release might be cracked or leaking, easily allow a hundred gallons or more of water a day to seep out of your toilet. This is literally money down the drain, when it comes to your water bill. Luckily, flappers are cheap and easy to replace. Placing a bit of food coloring in the toilet tank to see if it filters into the bowl, or shutting off the water to the tank to see if the water level decreases by itself, are simple ways to detect if the flapper is leaking.

In these days of environmental awareness, older toilets can be problematic due to their larger tank sizes. Larger tanks mean more water wasted with each flush. If you don’t want to replace the toilet though, consider displacing some of the water with a bottle or similar object. Just make sure that whatever you use does not interfere with the actual flushing function of the toilet. plumber - toilet repair

Almost everyone has dealt with a loose toilet handle at one time or another. While it might not seem like much of a problem at first, a loose handle can result in a poor or partial flush since the tank flapper does not lift all the way, meaning wasted water and inconvenience to you. A loose toilet handle can also lead to more toilet clogs due to low flush pressure or the flapper coming down too quickly, resulting in a partial flush. More information on this website