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Before you start looking for the best garbage disposal reviews, let’s recap and consider what is a garbage disposal unit? Many people would think garbage disposal is the simple act of throwing debris into a trash can. There is never much consideration for where all the debris ends up after it is thrown away. Properly disposing of waste can help keep the environment safe, as well as keeping the home clean and fresh.san antonio garbage disposal repair - replace - service Check our San Antonio’s Plumbers Website

The garbage disposal is a processor installed under the sink. With the aid of grinders and blades, it works by shredding and breaking down food debris and pumping it through the pipes into the sewage system. Use of such a technology has made it possible to eliminate the threat of harmful bacteria, avoid potential for household bugs and pests, and keep the kitchen clean. It has also made cleaning after meals extremely easy.

An important factor when using this type of machine is running cold water to aid in flushing the waste through the drain pipes. Experts stress that using hot water can be detrimental to disposing of waste this way because hot water can cause fats in food debris to melt. This may be problematic because the heat from the water will turn fat into a solid, which can then harden inside the pipes causing clogged drains.

It is important to know that there are types of waste that should not be disposed of this way because they cannot be broken down and flushed through the pipes. Garbage such as meat, bones, hard fruits and vegetables, and other hard waste will damage and dull the blades. This will create a problem for the owner, as it will dull the blades that grind the debris and force a need for early repair or total replacement of the machine.

Although having this helpful technology in the kitchen, continued daily use of the garbage disposal can create some foul odor. This odor can be eliminated with the use of vinegar. Pouring vinegar down the drain and then rinsing with cold water can aid in eliminating and preventing the presence of foul odor in the kitchen and the rest of the home.plumbing repairs san antonio

As useful as these units have become in the home, the effect they have on the environment has been partially negative. Although they have been an efficient and easy way to get rid of food waste, that food waste is being dumped into sewer system and affecting the water. Flushing food debris through the pipes and into the sewer system requires a substantial amount of water per year. The conservation of water for the future may be damaged.

Food waste can be destructive to the pipe systems as well as septic tanks. It can cause severe clogging in the pipes and the drainage system. Also, bacteria coming from food waste can cause severe illness and also release toxic chemicals into the water system. This can have a potentially poisonous effect on ground water supplies.

The garbage disposal unit has become an alternative to adding waste to landfills. Most landfills are already saturated and they release methane gas which has a negative impact on global warming. While garbage disposal units have been a positive alternative to landfills, they continue to waste water, as well as they require the addition of chemicals to the water supply. Chambliss Plumbing your competent San Antonio Plumber