Make the right Choice when selecting a Plumber

Selecting the wrong plumber happens occasionally. While they may not have destroyed your home, it is extremely likely that they are taking way too long with your project or are otherwise making a job that should not have taken a few days last an entire month. In some cases, they will drop the project altogether and expect to be paid for the work that has been completed. The trouble is finding someone to take over the sloppy workmanship that they left behind. What is the best way to remedy the situation? Read on to discover exactly how to do that, all at the courtesy of San Antonio plumbing repair.

For starters, call up the plumbing company and explain the situation. Ask to speak to the top level people if possible, at the least someone other than the receptionist. Give a well argued complaint about the project, but do not go overboard as that causes more harm than good during most situations. It may be hard to repress that feeling, but letting it slide will make things easier in the long run.san antonio Plumber

Explain your disappointment and demand an explanation for the problems with the work performed. If it is a time issue, explain the agreed upon deadlines and insist that they complete the work immediately and at a discount. If they will not budge and continue to give the run around, then it is time to pull out the big guns.

Call them up once again and tell them that you have decided to no longer honor the terms of the contract. They voided it when they decided to do the same. Furthermore, let them know than an attorney will be filing the appropriate papers for the abandonment of a project, and that it will be completed by a third party contractor at the expense of the plumbing company that messed up in the first place.plumber san antonio

At this point, one of two things will happen. They will either apologize and take care of the project immediately, or they will explain that they cannot fix the project but will drop the fees associated with the work and issue you a full refund. If they do not, insist that they do. The worst case scenario is that you proceed with the filings and get the work completed.

You are the consumer in charge, and it is up to you to make sure that agreements are met as they were designed. Do not take the B.S. that some companies will try to throw around you. It is your money, so make sure that you get the most out of it. If you need San Antonio plumbing repair, contact us first, and we will make the entire experience smooth and headache free. Thanks for reading. Call the right Plumber