Water Line Repair

Perhaps the worst possible scenario for a property owner is the loss of water. If the main line breaks and you need a water line repair, you most likely cannot wash, cook, clean clothes or even flush the toilets. If you suffer this kind of outage in our area or its environs call us to provide quick water line repair at an affordable price.Main Line Repairvisit this website please

Many contractors sought a cheap alternative to copper piping. They used a product known as Blue polyethylene which often failed. Seeking a better alternative that began using Blue Max, another faulty fresh water pipe product subject to frequent failure. These types of pipe material are subject to small pinhole leaks and cracking due to minerals and chemicals found in our fresh water supply – especially chlorine. In many cases these pinholes and cracks led to total failure of the pipe.The situation was so insufferable that a nationwide class action law suit was filed on behalf of property owners.

As a result, we use a premium plastic product, PEX for all our water line repairs and installations Also know as Black Poly, it is all that Blue Poly was not. It expand and contracts without stress due to temperature changes and is immune to chemical and mineral attacks- even chlorine. If you are in need of water line repair in the area call us! Our Local Plumbers will fix if fast and fix it right.

Water Line Repair That Will Not Ruin Your Yard

We know that a water line repair is a hassle. The last thing you need is to have to call a landscaper after the line is repaired to fix your yard up. Our experienced, well-trained crews carefully locate the leak, and only excavate with the greatest care. We backfill the excavation site leaving a minimal amount of soil. Basically, we arrange it so that all you need do is seed or plant.Plumbing services

Water Line Repair and Replacement To Code

Our County and surrounding areas have strict codes for water lines. This is to insure that your water supply stays clean and provides the right amount of pressure to your property. Our work is always performed using the finest material for fittings and pipings available and we always meet the standards of the code for your neighborhood.

So, if you want Plumbing experts, first rate water line repair or replacement call us today!